Why HansPrein?
“Executive interim leadership for new insights and a way forward"

HansPrein provides

Interim Management

Project Management


Board Counseling


Why HansPrein?
“Leadership needs to transcend ego- and etnocentrism towards worldcentrism”

Why HansPrein?
“An unbiased evaluation of your vision, strategy, goals and implementation”

Why HansPrein?

Science Business Support,
IT and Finance

HansPrein works with a science dedicated team of trusted professionals supporting projects with challenges on Science Business Support, IT and Finance. Our goal is to give you the best and durable solutions in the (international) environment of science, technology and innovation.

We bring craftmanship

  • Analytical approach
  • Well balanced individuals
  • Expedient knowledge on the subject
  • Experience in science, business and R&D
  • Passion for your people and business
  • Business-like approach

Hans Prein

Hans Prein completed projects for a wide range of universities and companies as interim manager, consultant and recruiter for specific (new) positions. Hans Prein can rely on a network of highly trusted professionals who offer support on specific issues that require detailed expertise needed for the overall success and sustainability of his projects' results.

Why HansPrein?
“Seasoned leaders that combine unbiased analytical skills, integrity and excellent social skills”

Insights and Wonder

Insights offers my personal views on an individual subject. Wonders are the things I will never forget. Both are short reads on a wide variety of subjects and experiences.

Trusted professionals

Eldert de Jager
finance professional, author and lecturer

As an independent financial consultant Eldert developed a method on performance management, identifying critical performance indicators and implementation of dashboards. Eldert has extensive knowledge on a variety of ERP and BI systems. Eldert was finance director, business controller, and group controller for large companies.

Henk Latour
it professional

Henk is a strong IT leader who has a track record of getting things done. He managed global IT programs with accountability up to 40M, improving business outcomes of a complex multinational company. He has lead large virtual and multicultural teams globally in the areas of Programme Management, Knowledge/Information Management, Cloud services, ERP, IT Services.

Margot Beukers
science support professional

Margot managed a large number of public private partnerships ranging from 6-27 partners and budgets up to 21 M€. Partners included SMEs, global companies, health foundations, ministries and governmental institutes. Topics ranged from life sciences including medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and medical technology, to biology, nanotechnology and water management.

Why HansPrein?
“Finds the root cause of problems and provides sustainable solutions adapted to the dynamics of your organisation”

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