Personal statement

Hans is an exploratory and visionary leader who understands people and what drives them. He acts and behaves through thoughtfulness, objectivity, integrity and seniority, and wins trust because of his open, honest and unprejudiced approach. 

Hans brings composure and perspective to difficult situations and  confronts people with differing insights and points of view. He has extensive experience in analyzing complex issues and presenting these in an unambiguous, clear and inspiring way. Hans is strongly driven to cooperate, help, motivate people and tackle problems together. He takes firm decisions, does not shun using unorthodox measures to reach goals and accepts and embraces full responsibility for his actions. 

In doing so Hans is always open to and seeks insights and viewpoints from peers and stakeholders. Companies appreciate his vision, perseverance and energy in difficult situations to find the root cause of problems and solve these jointly. His leadership style is: supportive, directive when needed and by nature infused with some humor and charm.


In 1988, Hans Prein graduated from Leiden University with an MSc in Astronomy and Theoretical Physics. He took a comprehensive course in Business Administration for academics which resulted in an internship with a startup IT company.

A wide range of managerial positions with companies and universities shaped his insights into people, organizations and business processes, whilst providing him with extensive knowledge about science, technology and innovation. Hans traveled extensively in Europe and beyond, which shaped his flexibility and adaptability to work with people from other cultures. He has been accountable for companies or departments of different staff levels up to 1600 employees, operational expenditure up to 60 M€ and investments up to 450 M€. Gradually, his interests shifted to interim management where he initiated and implemented changes for companies and universities, while developing his strong strategic management and leadership skills by influencing processes, relations and networks.

Hans is able to quickly accumulate strategically and critically important in-depth knowledge of products and services and beneficial networks and partners. His primary motivation remains making a difference for organizations and people and add value to society, while satisfying his everlasting quest for knowledge. His ambition focuses on boardroom consulting and leading organizations, preferably as interim manager. Keywords; science, technology, innovation, complexity (people, processes, politics), highly educated professionals, vision, strategy, executive recruitment.

Hans Prein completed projects for a wide range of universities and companies as interim manager, consultant and recruiter for specific (new) positions. Hans Prein can rely on a network of highly trusted professionals who offer support on specific issues that require detailed expertise needed for the overall success and sustainability of his project’s results.

Why HansPrein?
“Performs specific search assignments in the science business domain”

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