Personal statement

Through natural curiosity and strong analytical skills, Henk swiflty comprehends new challenges and innovative ideas. He co-creates vision and strategical objectives, determines what success should look like while ensuring stakeholder requirements and buy-in.

Henk translates strategy into actionable plans and organizational structures at all levels, and takes full accountability to deliver on agreed plans. As a servant leader, Henk directs firmly, while encouraging and rewarding others in his teams to show strong own initiative. He is a good listener and is open and honest in his interactions, and loves to challenge others to improve final outcomes. Henk creates high performance teams and is passionate about helping others in their developmental journey, whilst also trying to keep himself abreast of the developments in IT and scientific fields. He is an excellent leader of (virtual) teams and equipped with multicultural skills.


Henk joined the graduate program of a leading global company in the Oil & Gas Industry early 1988 after completing a Computer Science degree in 1981 and an Astronomy and Astrophysics degree (MSc) in 1988. During his 29-year career with the O&G company, he has worked in various global business IT related roles in Upstream, Research, Downstream, Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology.

Roles ranged from setting company wide (IT) vision and strategy to implementing new businesses processes and IT services globally. Henk was stationed, apart from the Netherlands, in London, Houston and Kuala Lumpur and has extensively travelled in Latin America responsible for global IT services to that region. Apart from his general IT leadership expertise, he has lead complex enterprise wide global IT programmes and projects with substantial business change components, a large knowledge and Information management team, and has successfully introduced Amazon and Azure Enterprise Cloud services globally.

Why HansPrein?
“Require well-seasoned leaders that combine unbiased analytical skills, integrity and excellent social skills”

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