Personal statement

Eldert is an inquisitive senior finance professional with a good feeling for what motivates people on the job. Thoughtfullness, kindness, objectivity and integrity are quite distinctive when working with him.

Eldert has a strong urge to get to the bottom of things and assure that companies take the right actions with the highest probability of achieving the results desired. People trust him because of his open, honest and  unprejudiced approach to challenging financial projects. Eldert brings calmness in challenging situations, takes full responsibility for his actions and is often able to come up with new insights. Solutions to problems are presented by Eldert in a comprehensible, attractive and encouraging way. Eldert takes firm decisions when required and always involves Colleagues and stakeholders in the decision making process. Companies highly appreciate his perseverance, views on difficult matters and vision. Eldert supports organisations with a practical and result oriented mind in a pleasant and advantageous way.


Eldert studied Business Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His knowledge and skills are complemented with courses on business planning, PRINCE2, Internal Audits and Logistic Management.

From 1990 up to 2014 Eldert worked as business controller, group controller and finance director for large companies. On the job he acquired advanced knowledge and implementation skills on a variety of ERP and BI systems. In 2014 Eldert founded his own company and joined a network of finance professionals as independent finance professional. Eldert completed a number of finance projects as interim controller, interim CFO and trusted advisor to the board. His insights, experience and specific approach draw the attention of Noordhof publishers in 2016. Eldert published two books on the relation between strategy and critical performance indicators. His method is now part of the associate degree curriculum on business administration at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Besides his projects Eldert is a frequently asked speaker and lecturer.

Why HansPrein?
“Assistance with complicated situations and control issues”

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